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The Advantages of Using the Best Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses have been around for ages, but we aren’t talking about the style you see in college dorm rooms that are laid up on the captain’s beds. We’re talking about the traditional Japanese style that are comfortable, and wreak of health benefits for those that sleep on them. There are quite a few advantages to using the best futon mattress, some of which include the forth coming:

Inexpensive and versatile: While generally, western styles of futon mattresses aren’t exactly like Japanese styled ones, they are inexpensive and versatile. There are some that are inexpensive and uncomfortable like college dorm level ones, but there are also more luxurious ones that are convertible into a couch, inexpensive, and are much more comfortable as a mattress. There are materials like memory foam, wool, and traditional cotton and polyester blends for mattress materials. They are capable of being used as a diverse piece of furniture. For those that live in a studio, you’ll be able to clean up and offer seating to your guests without them seeing your living quarters as easily. You won’t have to live a lonely life in a studio when you have the best futon mattress!

Other materials may include latex of sorts, and other materials that are great for those that need springy, firm, medium-soft, super soft, and more. Just because you can use them in a college dorm, doesn’t mean you can’t splurge and have something catered to your sleeping style! As with any product, there are ones on the lower end of the budget that aren’t great, and if you splurge, you’ll find your dream futon mattress!

Don’t worry about falling off: if you’re going with the traditional style of Japanese futon mattress, with no frame, and you’re not converting into a couch, you’ll reap the benefits of this next one: you won’t have to worry about falling off! Japanese styled futon mattresses lay on the floor and you don’t have any height to worry about! Those that have the falling off issue can toss away any rails or sorts, and you can sleep peacefully.

Moving or traveling a lot? – The best futon mattress is very versatile in transportability. All you have to do with your futon mattress (whether using a Japanese styled one, or a traditional western futon mattress), is roll it up and bring it with you. You may want a type of rope or fabric to keep it together as you move, but generally they’re easy to transport. You don’t have to worry about bed frames, but you will have to fold the couch version – regardless, this combination allows for less furniture to move as you travel!

Easier to use for guests – If you’re someone that hosts people often, and your futon mattress will be doubling as a couch/guest bed, you’ll want to use them as they are easier to pull out for your guests. Let’s face it: sleeping on a couch isn’t the most ideal, and it’s uncomfortable a lot of the times depending on the height or weight of the person. When you have a quick and inexpensive bed such as a futon mattress for your guests, they can sleep a little more comfortably without tossing and turning all night.

The Final Verdict

The best futon mattress, whether Japanese-styled or western styled, pose many benefits for those that buy. Beyond being affordable, easy to transport, and great for those that need to double up and utilize their space as much as possible, you’ll be able to take advantage of the above advantages and toss away your old and stinky mattress.