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Getting Ripped Can Combat Your Hair Loss (For Real)

Have you ever noticed that the absolutely jacked dude at the gym seems to have a great head of hair? This may actually be due to his workout lifestyle. While it’s a tricky connection, those that are working out like crazy are also ones that are accelerating their hair loss. Don’t overwork yourself and think you’re going to get a beautiful head of hair the next day, as you may do more harm than good when stressing over it.

If you don’t get enough exercise, you may experience an increase in hair loss, as well. As we mentioned, this is where it may get a bit tricky. When you are using fitness in your daily routine, or weekly routine, you can improve cortisol production and reduce stress, which can encourage hair growth by an immense amount.

It’s worth noting that excessive exercise can actually inhibit your hair growth, as your body goes into a stressful state. I’m jumping back and forth, I know, but the information I’ve found on Grooming Adepts website is actually fantastic information that’s helped me learn more a bit about our bodies and hair loss/growth. Continue reading if you want to learn more about what makes your hair loss recoil, or what helps encourage your hair growth. Finding that happy medium can help you look great and feel great.

Why does too much exercising lead to hair loss?

When you’re overworking yourself in intense cardio sessions, or HIIT programs, you sort of place your body and your mind in this chronic stress state that promotes hair loss and has adverse effects on your hair.

Did you know that your body can also suffer from leaky gut syndrome, and not just hair loss? When working out too much, this severe condition can actually harm you in ways where you’re wishing that hair loss was your only problem. When you develop leaky gut syndrome, the toxins in your body basically go wherever and cause havoc on your system. Beyond this, you can suffer from crazy diarrhea, nutrient absorption, and the development of other auto immune diseases.

Now, I’m not telling you to stay on the couch and eat chips all day, although that would be my dream, but getting a regular schedule, and not working out for more than 2 hours a day will help you combat hair loss, while avoiding the more serious issues.

The Environment Has Impact on Our Hair

Did you know that your workout environment also plays a role in your hair? When you sweat too much, expose your hair to too much keratin or lactic acid, you may see a decrease in hair growth. While sweating and exercise put together are inevitable, you won’t lose too much hair from exposure to lactic acid; however, the same can’t be said for keratin. When you don’t get enough keratin, your hair dries up since it’s not getting enough nutrients, leading to hair loss.

Chlorine is another huge culprit in hair loss, as too much is interrupting your growth cycle. When you have too much chlorine exposure, the PH level of your scalp is altered immensely. While I’m not a huge fan of swimming, people similar to the likes of Michael Phelps may need to wear some sort of hair “hider” or cap when swimming.

Working Out and Our Hormones

Most men know, “testosterone good” “estrogen girl”, in a type of caveman way, but when you don’t have enough estrogen, your hair may suffer; however, when you have too much, this can be bad news. Those that are suffering from hair loss may want to try reducing estrogen levels within their body. You only need a little bit of the female hormone to encourage healthy hair growth, and this is generally why women have better hair than us men – although, this isn’t always the case. (yes, I’m looking at you Brock O’Hurn).

When you work out the proper amount, you reduce estrogen, while encouraging them to play around with various processes in our body. It’s worth noting that as you workout, you naturally raise your testosterone levels, and our bodies usually try and compensate for this. When our bodies aren’t able to handle anymore balance, you may see a decrease in hair growth.

If you want to find the right balance between testosterone and estrogen levels, you don’t need to have a degree in rocket science. According to researchers, like the Mayo Clinic, you may only need around a half hour per day to really help make an impact on your weight loss, while keeping your beautiful hair (or to encourage better hair growth).

After reading this article, you may be correlating your hair loss with your over excessive working out. Finding the perfect balance is something many of us – including myself, have trouble with. We want to be lazy and eat what we want, but we also want to be in shape with great hair. Finding that perfect balance may take a bit of work, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Growing Out Short Hair

Ok so just about every girl has had a bad haircut or had a short haircut for a long time and wants a change, right? We all want to know how we can make our hair grow faster. I’m sorry but there is no way to make hair grow faster. Well you can maximize the potential for it to grow. Meaning you try your best to stop anything from making your hairs grow slow!

So here is the real deal. Hair only grows at ½ inch a month max. However if you are lucky to have fast growing hair, you could easily maximise the growth to 1inch per month. I am currently growing out a pixie cut (since August 2008) and before you ask yes I looked like a boy for a while and unless you style your pixie you’re going to look like a boy! At the moment it is sitting at just below my ears at around 8 inches. So it has grown a fare bit since August seeing at it was sitting at a mere 1 and ½ inches.

Let me tell you from experience of many cuts (including two pixies) of how to maximise your hair growth! Firstly stop washing your hair every day! Wash it every other day if you have to. My hair only touches shampoo about once a week. If I do styling or it has been extreme weather (such as wind or heat) then I will wash it more. No more than 3 time a week. Your hair needs to get dirty! That’s right down right dirty and covered in filth! It needs the natural oils that your scalp produces and by washing it everyday you are stripping it of those natural oils. I used to wash my hair every day. Now that I have stop it is back to its normal hair type.

It will take a while for your hair to adjust but I would stick with it. Start by washing your hair every other day. Then start washing it every 3 days and it will eventually go back to normal. Of course if you style your hair with gels or use any kind of spray I recommended either stoping them or not using them as much. I would also recommend washing your hair after using them. Other wise you will have product build up which will block your growing potential!

Okay now let’s talk about your shampoo type. If you use commercial shampoo like Pantene and such, then I recommend getting the right one for your hair type. If you wish to maximize your full growing potential, I’m sorry but I recommend you go natural! All natural shampoo’s are the best and ones with out Sodium Lauryl Sulphate will do you hair a world of good. It is a chemical that is used in shampoo’s to foam up the liquid. You don’t need it, your body doesn’t need it and your hair doesn’t need it. So why use it? Also it has been tested that it may damage your body. It can affect your immune system and the skin can be highly damaged. The skin can be highly damaged because the skin layers may separate and become inflamed because of its protein denaturing properties. So WHY USE IT?

Your shampoo does not have to be organic, just ALL NATURAL! You can buy some shampoos at your local super market that are all natural in the health isle. Or you can choose to visit your nearest health food shop and they will and should have plenty of shampoos to choose from. To maximize things further use a natural conditioner that matches the shampoo you are buying.

Now let us talk about the wonders of OIL!

Oil Oil Oil! The wonder stuff could have its own post! So what oil is best? Well that depends on which ones you like. You can try Olive oil, Jojoba oil, almond oil, sesame seed oil and the favourite coco nut oil! They pretty much all do the same thing, make your hair shinny, can help the fight against split ends and make your hair look like silk! I personally use coco nut oil because it smells nice and makes my hair soft, shiny, more manageable and like silk! To use any of these oils you must rub it on your hands and then stroke it through you hair concentrating on the ends. Don’t put to much on top especially if you have fine thin hair because then it can become flat. Let it stay in your hair for at least an hour, then wash it out. It is best however to leave it in over night or all day and wash it out. If you are going to sleep with the oil in your hair wrap it in a scarf so it doesn’t go on your pillow or put the oil in your hair 2 hours before you go to sleep so it will already be set in and won’t go over your pillow, if it is cotton.

Speaking of pillows, did you know that a cotton pillow can make your hair dry and brittle? It can also suck out the natural oils in your hair which makes it dry. Try switching to a silk pillow. Or if you can not afford a silk pillow opt for a silk scarf and tie your hair up in it before you go to sleep. It will help frizzy hair also. I usually oil my hair once a week. You could do it more or less by once or twice a week or monthly.

Have you ever herd of head massages? Well they can help your hair grow and can be relaxing! You can also use oil to do two processes at once! Massage your scalp once a day by placing your finger tips under your hair and on to your scalp. Please be careful if you have long nails not to scratch your scalp. Move the bottom tips of your fingers around in circles from the top of your scalp down to the sides and to the bottom. Don’t do this to roughly it is suppose to be very relaxing. It should be similar to how your hair dresser washing your hair. This promotes hair growth by relaxing the scalp and body. It also improves blood circulation to the scalp and it activates the nerves and can help with stress! So why not give your self a head massage right now! Or get a loved one to do it for you.

Now how can we stop hair breakage? Well first of all you could stop using any type of heated hair appliance! No hair dryers, straighteners, curlers or hot water! They damage your hair! If you can’t stop using them, then don’t use them so often and use protection sprays or serums. They cause split ends which do not stop your hair from growing but makes your hair look unhealthy. Also stop using ties that have metal on them. Best ones to use are made of soft material like mini scrunches or scrunches. The best things you can tie your hair up with is hair sticks. There like chop sticks except there made petty for hair. Do not use hair clips that take out a bunch of your hair every time you unclip it. That is just asking for breakage! If you have extreme weather like wind or heat, then I suggest wrapping your hair in a bun or using a hair stick to put it up. So the weather will not damage your hair.

The other question that is ask more than often is how often should you cut your hair? Well if your growing your hair out then do not cut it at all! I avoid the hair dresser as much as I can. I do my own trims if I see splint ends. If you are going to cut your own split ends off then DO NOT USE ORDINARY SCISSORS! Normal house scissors can damage your hair further. I highly recommend that you go to your chemist and buy a pair of hair dressing scissors. You are only cutting off your split ends so your hair looks healthier. Only get a hair cut (at the salon) if you need to re-shape and simply can not handle looking daggy anymore. Once you are able to tie your hair up and style it in an up style you can avoid less and less cuts because you can hide it more.

What do to on bad hair days? Pin it up or hide it! Get some cute hats they will be your best friends like mine are. Or get some pretty scarfs they make any outfit more fashionable. Pin it up with bobby pins and twist it around to create different styles each day. Use wax or moose or hair spray and style your hair a thousand different ways! Each new length can bring more and more style potential!

So we have talk about the outside now how about the more important inside? Got a bad diet? Then I suggest now is the great time to get HEALTHY! Eat more veggies, fruit, protein, Vitamin B, C, A, E and drink more water! What a better motivator than hair growth! Sure you can take vitamin tablets but there not going to do all the work by them selfs! Eat pork it is the wonder meat and it helps everything and anything in your body! Vitamin B, C, A and E all help with healthy faster hair growth. Eat carrots, celery, apples, oranges, banana’s, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn and basically what ever veggie or fruit you can eat! Eat more fish as omega is great for hair growth and health. Drink less soft drink because it is bad for everything inside of you! Drink more water! If your vegetarian/vegan then you are in the luck because you are probably eating lots of veggies, fruit and protein already.

Hair is made of protein so eat more protein! Eat less junk food as it not only make you fat but usually what effects your skin can effect your hair. So it is best not to eat it anyway! The objective here is to eat better and healthier so don’t stop everything all at once. Eat more veggies/fruit, eat less junk and drink more water and you should notice a difference. Oh and another thing EXCERSISE! Your hair needs to be stimulated like the rest of your body so if you exercise your hair will surely grow.

The number one golden rule I can give to you is…….. TREAT YOUR HAIR LIKE SILK! Keep that in mind while growing out your hair!