I am Karin Lynn Bates. From Paris to Denver, I’m now making my home in northern Colorado. An educator by trade for most of my adult life, I’m a reader and a writer at heart. I’ve kept a few blogs as a writing outlet since such things began online, and also have drafted a few novels. My blog on living in Paris, An Alien Parisienne, was about the experience of being gluten and dairy-intolerant (and later, meat-free) in the city everyone seems to adore, but about which I was often ambivalent. I learned to love and appreciate Paris on her terms one day at a time. Now I’m seizing the day in a small town in northern Colorado in the state I’ve called home for the better part of four decades with a few years here and there in other places, including time spent living in the UK, China, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dallas, Texas and most recently, France.